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Saturday, May 19th, 2012 

Local natural medicine experts came together in the Polynesian room at the Naniloa Resort and shared their gems of health wisdom.  Attendees learned ways to enhance their health as they progress towards getting older.  

The silent auction enjoyed an overwhelming number of wonderful items and services donated to the college.  The generosity and commitment to the college shown by so many members of the community was heartwarming.

A fun part of the evening turned out to be a talk by HICOM board of director Grif Frost on premium Sake considered to be the healthiest alcoholic beverage by the famous Dr Weil. Perhaps it was the two versions of free Sake to taste and enjoy that captured attendees attention.

The highlight of the evening was a talk by Keynote Speaker: Rulin Xiu, PhD on the “New Age of Medicine”. This dealt with treating the Soul as a new addition to Mind & Body Medicine as detailed in her research on the Quantum Physics View of Consciousness and Healing. 

Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva, also a HICOM board member, offered an ancient hawaiian blessing and spoke on Aloha. 

Dr David Doi, DDS, locally known as a Holistic Dentist and expert in using the least toxic methods available to help his patients manage their dental health. He spoke on how important dental health is to our overall health an well being.

Gen Morita and Yumi Kikuchi, both HICOM board members and teachers of natural medicine as well as a new technique called Harmonic Balancing. They shared a technique for strengthening the kidney that was effective and simple. 

Megan Yarberry, LAc and Dean of Medicine at HICOM shared about the NADA acupuncture treatment that is simple and very effective especially for folks with addictions. She shared moving stories of training people in Africa, who have little to no access to medical care, how to treat each other.
Greg Baker, CBE shared about an amazing technique called Buteyko Breath that restores carbon dioxide levels back up to normal in the body restoring needed oxygenation of the cells, organs, tissue and body. It eliminates Asthma symptoms within 8 - 12 weeks and is approved as a medical treatment in England and Russia.  He instructed the attendees on how to test their own co2 levels that proved to be very interesting.

The event was a wonderful evening and amazing success. We all look forward to the upcoming events.

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