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Update: Kumu Harry Jim Is Teaching Healer Series

Hawai’i College of Oriental Medicine is excited to announce HARRY UHANE JIM, a Lomi Lomi / Ho’oponopono Kumu (teacher) will be teaching the “Evolution of the Healer" courses.

Harry Uhane Jim, Kahuna, healer, teacher and author of WISE SECRETS OF ALOHA. He was born and raised on Kauai, Hawaii. He was trained in the traditional apprentice style by the best known native Kahuna's of the last 7 decades who are mostly gone now. He connects people to the essence of Aloha supporting their self-healing. His teachings carry authenticity. They are known for unveiling profound ancient truths with wit and laughter. He evokes the Hawaiian experience of healing by raising your vibration.

One of our most important goals at HICOM is to offer a learning environment that provides each student the opportunity to evolve into a competent and effective healer.  The slow pace of small town Hilo, healing energy of the big island and the Hawaiian culture of Aloha appropriately support the student on this important journey. 

The training of healers at HICOM incorporates many facets of the healing arts, from the development of personal awareness and healer-patient communication skills to the scientific understanding of mind-body-spirit relationships.

Our healer training series begins with Evolution of a Healer I, an experiential course that fosters personal growth and awareness and develops a basis for understanding the nature of interpersonal communication.  Students learn to use tools that both assist in the student’s self-healing and provide a base for an effective healer-patient relationship.

Evolution of a Healer II provides students with a direct experience of the power and art of communication when it is consciously used to facilitate and support the healing experience.  Students experience and learn simple fundamental tools to deepen their own understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication.  The role of presence of Being will be used to ground and guide all processes.

The history and evolutions of both Western and Eastern medicines are explored in other courses, as well as the psycho-spiritual basis of health, illness and healing in the Oriental traditions.  Students take courses in clinical skills which includes techniques for effective communication with patients, and in practice management, which identifies the considerations and responsibilities of practicing Oriental medicine.

It is our hope and purpose that our program supports each student’s personal evolution as a healer.

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ALOHA. E Komo Mai (welcome in Hawaiian).

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